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Waterproof and Non-slip Cat Litter Mat

Color: Black

Tired of the constant cat mess invading your space?

Say hello to the solution that's as charming as it is effective – the Waterproof & Non-Slip Cat Litter Mat!

Embrace a cleaner, more organized home without compromising on your feline friend's comfort.

Crafted with care, this innovative double-layer mat makes messy paw prints a thing of the past.

Revolutionize your cat's space, uplift your living space – order your Waterproof & Non-Slip Cat Litter Mat now and say farewell to litter worries!

Features That Make a Difference:

🐾 Waterproof Wonder: Bid farewell to worries about spills and accidents. Our mat's waterproof magic keeps floors safe and sound.

🐾 Pawsitively Non-Slip: No slipping and sliding here! This mat stays in place, giving your kitty the confidence they deserve.

🐾 Easy Clean-Up: Cleanup duty just got easier. The foldable double layer design ensures a breeze when tidying up after your feline companion.

🐾 Comfort Redefined: Soft, luxurious EVA foam rubber pampers your cat's paws with every step. No discomfort, only purrs of approval.

🐾 Mess, Be Gone: Ingeniously designed with a mesh grid, our mat traps litter and mess, preventing unwanted tracking around your home.

🐾 Size to Suit: With sizes ranging from XS to L, finding the purrfect fit for your space is a breeze.

🐾 International Charm: Embrace a product that's tailored for diverse homes worldwide – just like your beloved cat.

Your Home, Transformed:

Experience the joy of a pristine, organized living space, all thanks to the Waterproof & Non-Slip Cat Litter Mat. Reclaim your home from the clutches of clutter!



Product Dimension:

🐱 XS: 45cm x 30cm (17.7inch x 11.8inch)

🐱 S: 50cm x 40cm (19.7inch x 15.7inch)

🐱 M: 60cm x 46cm (23.6inch x 18.1inch)

🐱 L: 70cm x 50cm (27.6inch x 19.7inch)

Material: Soft and Comfortable EVA Foam Rubber

In the Package:
1pc x Waterproof and Non-Slip Cat Litter Mat

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Lucious Miller


Ricky Purdy

See well the measure that is wanted is effective.

Gideon Conn

All OK

Shad Larson

Pick up the sand well, but it is not anti-slip.

Felipe Ullrich

The materials are low quality, it won't resist your cat's claws if they try to sharpen them on it but it's pretty good for the price it costs. I use biodegradable litter and the mat catches the grains on my cat's paws and he seems to like it.

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Waterproof and Non-slip Cat Litter Mat
Waterproof and Non-slip Cat Litter Mat
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