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The Kitty Sack Bowl

Color: White

Introducing the purrfect solution for your feline friend's mealtime struggles – The Kitty Sack Bowl!

If your cat battles with tummy woes or joint discomfort, this bowl is their new best friend.

Our innovative design does more than hold food – it's a game-changer.

The elevated and tilted bowl gently eases the pressure on your fur baby's stomach and joints, transforming meals into moments of comfort.

Plus, say meow to improved digestion!

But wait, there's more.

This bowl isn't just smart; it's savvy.

Angled at 15 degrees, it's a safeguard for your cat's precious cervical spine while they savor each bite.

Guess what?

Vets vouch for it!

This isn't your ordinary bowl – it's a vet-recommended superstar.

And the perks don't stop there.

Our Kitty Sack Bowl is dishwasher-safe, boasts a non-slip stand (no more dinner-time skids!), and is crafted from materials that prioritize safety and durability.

Your kitty's mealtimes are about to get an upgrade they deserve.

Get the Kitty Sack Bowl now and wave farewell to discomfort and mealtime struggles!



🐾 Product Dimension: 27 cm x 16 cm (10.6 inches x 6.3 inches)

Features :

✨ Lifted and tilted design for ultimate stomach and joint relief

🌱 Promotes digestion and happier tummies

🐱 15-degree slant to safeguard your cat's neck and spine

👨‍⚕️ Vets give it a thumbs up – that's how awesome it is!

🧼 Pop it in the dishwasher for a breeze of a clean-up

🚫 Non-slip magic to keep mealtime mess-free

🛡️ Crafted from materials that prioritize safety and durability

Package Included:
🐾 1pc x The Kitty Sack Bowl

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Claire Gerhold


Daphney Ankunding

Shi so cute 😭

Ardith Kassulke

good quality, easy to put together, will definitely be flung over by my cat but its cute!

Yessenia Conroy

Bit smaller then i thought it would be, it is cute but i only recommend this for baby kittens and as they get older switch to a bigger one.

Cayla Wolf

my little dog loves it

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The Kitty Sack Bowl
The Kitty Sack Bowl
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