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Soccer Ball Dog Toy


Tired of the same old fetch routine?

Spice up playtime with the ultimate companion for your four-legged superstar – the Soccer Ball Dog Toy!

Crafted from a blend of durable and soft PU material, this toy is not just a game changer, but a tail-wagger changer too!

Say goodbye to boredom and hello to endless entertainment as your dog's eyes light up with joy.

Unleash the playful spirit in your pup as they chase the erratic bounce, courtesy of strategically placed nylon tabs sewn into every seam.

It's like a surprise party every time the Soccer Ball Dog Toy takes an unexpected bounce!

But that's not all – those adorable paws printed all over the ball aren't just for show.

They're paw-sitively mesmerizing to your furry friend, keeping their attention locked on the action.

Worried about holding onto the excitement? Fear not!

We've added a long strap for you to masterfully twirl, whirl, and launch the Soccer Ball Dog Toy into play.

Who knew bonding time could be this exhilarating?

Measuring in at a tail-friendly 15cm (that's approximately 5.9 inches in human lingo), this toy is tailor-made for tail-chasing champions.

Get ready for tail wags, leaps, and zoomies galore – it's a guarantee that this toy will become your pup's new obsession.

Get ready to be your dog's playtime hero!

Your furry friend deserves a toy that's as pawsome as they are.

Order the Soccer Ball Dog Toy today and watch tails wag, eyes light up, and playtime come to life!

One paw-some toy, endless fun. Get yours now!



🐾 Product Dimension:

15cm (approximately 5.9 inches) of pure delight

🐾 Material: Crafted with a blend of durable yet irresistibly soft PU

🐾 Bounce: Nylon tabs strategically sewn into seams for the ultimate unpredictable bounce

🐾 Design: Paws printed evenly around the ball for hypnotic playtime

🐾 Strap: A long strap for effortless playtime twirls and whirls

Package Included:
🎾 1pc x Soccer Ball Dog Toy

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Nellie Kunde

Beautiful, small but excellent. There is also the pump X inflate it.

Edyth McGlynn

Dog loved very very good this product recommend real

Kelvin Kuphal

My dog's charm is his favorite

Danyka Grady

Excellent, small but big enough for a German boxer dog.

Helene Runolfsdottir

My border loved it, but on the first night it already tore off one of the handles

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Soccer Ball Dog Toy
Soccer Ball Dog Toy
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