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Smart Interactive Pet Ball

Color: White

Unleash the fun for your furry friend with our Smart Interactive Pet Ball! 🐾

Say goodbye to dull moments and hello to endless entertainment.

This isn't just a pet ball; it's a companion that's here to make playtime extraordinary.

Designed with cutting-edge innovation, our Smart Interactive Pet Ball adds a splash of excitement to your pet's day.

Whether your companion is a curious cat or a playful pup, they'll be captivated by the ball's interactive features.

Watch in amazement as the ball engages your pet's natural instincts, providing them with an enriching experience that's as close to the wild as it gets.

The dual faucet and spring surge modes cater to the quirks of cats, dogs, and every precious pet in between.

Stay in the know about your pet's hydration!

The fully transparent water tank lets you monitor water levels at a glance, ensuring your beloved pet never goes thirsty.

Worried about maintaining the fountain's freshness?


Our built-in auto-mode feature takes care of that, giving you peace of mind about your pet's well-being.

Make every sip an adventure, every playtime a memory.

Elevate your pet's lifestyle with the Smart Interactive Pet Ball – where comfort, joy, and convenience unite!

Get ready for tail-wagging, paw-pouncing, and endless smiles!

Your pet deserves the best, and this interactive pet ball delivers nothing less.

Add it to your cart now and let the good times roll! 🐶🐱



Material: Food-grade PC
Color: Fully Transparent
Maximum Capacity: 2 liters (67oz)

16.5cm x 16.5cm x 15.5cm (6.5in x 6.5in x 6.1in) (LWH)

Package Included:
1 x Smart Interactive Pet Ball

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Opal Swift

Beautiful toy!!! Works perfect! Excellent seller, excellent product!!!!

Jarrod Jerde

fast delivery works well

Virginia MacGyver

Two modes. One flashes red. The second flashes in different colors in turn. Makes one quick turn, then a short pause. And so in a circle. Turns off when battery runs out. The cat is interested.

Irma Rippin

I liked it very much, the rechargeable battery lasts quite a lot. Cats get very curious and chase the ball all over the house.

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Smart Interactive Pet Ball
Smart Interactive Pet Ball
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