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Reflective Pet Harness And Leash Set

Color: Orange

Are you seeking a fantastic way to elevate your pet's safety during those cherished walks?

Look no further than our sensational Reflective Pet Harness And Leash Set!

Unveil the perfect solution that combines both functionality and flair.

Our exceptional set boasts a reflective harness and leash, guaranteeing your pet's visibility even in the midst of bustling streets and dim light.

Tailored for your pet's comfort, the adjustable harness envelops their chest with a snug embrace.

No more worries about discomfort or irritation – just pure contentment for your furry companion.

Equipped with a built-in handle, the leash ensures effortless control, ready to be grasped at a moment's notice.

No more unexpected dashes – just seamless, stress-free outings.

Whether it's a leisurely jaunt around the neighborhood or an exhilarating adventure in the park, the Reflective Pet Harness And Leash Set is your pet's ticket to safety and serenity.

Don't wait to enhance your pet's walks with a touch of safety and style.

Elevate your pet's experience today with our Reflective Pet Harness And Leash Set – because safety should never compromise on charm!



📐 Product Dimensions:

Size Options:

🐾 Small (S):
Bust: 15.0-17.3 inches (38-44 cm)
Waist: 9.4-12.6 inches (24-32 cm)

🐾 Medium (M):
Bust: 16.9-20.1 inches (43-51 cm)
Waist: 12.6-15.7 inches (32-40 cm)

🐾 Large (L):
Bust: 19.7-22.0 inches (50-56 cm)
Waist: 15.7-17.7 inches (40-45 cm)

🐾 Extra Large (XL):
Bust: 21.3-24.4 inches (54-62 cm)
Waist: 17.7-21.3 inches (45-54 cm)

🐾 Material: Crafted from durable, pet-friendly materials for optimal safety and comfort.

🌟 Remarkable Features:

✨ Reflective Harness and Leash Set for unparalleled visibility on every adventure.

✨ Adjustable harness guarantees a cozy, custom fit for your pet.

✨ Leash with integrated handle ensures total control and convenience.

✨ Perfect for leisurely strolls or exhilarating outdoor escapades.


🎁 Package Includes:
🐶 1 x Dog Harness 🐾 1 x Traction Rope

Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Ellie Daniel

5kg puppy size M. Perfect for puppies and fit well.
Bought well at a low price. Second purchase this time.

Mafalda Anderson

Excellent quality, the Hulk liked

Elliott Hegmann

Quite good for pug 5.4 kg.

Zaria Terry

It's about 5.6kg, but it's padded and wearing a harness, so it's a little loose, but it doesn't matter if you adjust the length it is. It's so cute, so orange.🧡Shipping was fast.

Doug Brekke

It's alright. Fits perfect. I was just expecting a better quality maybe.

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Reflective Pet Harness And Leash Set
Reflective Pet Harness And Leash Set
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