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Reflective Dog Raincoat

Color: Gray

🌧️ Protect your furry best friend from the unpredictable elements with our Sparkling Paws Reflective Dog Raincoat! 🐾

Don't let rain dampen your pup's spirits.

Our waterproof coat is designed for maximum protection, so your four-legged adventurer can strut their stuff in style, rain or shine!

Let your pup embrace the rain with a dash of style.

Get the Sparkling Paws Reflective Dog Raincoat today and let your furry friend shine, even when the weather doesn't! 🐶☔

Reflective Brilliance: Our raincoat isn't just functional; it's fashionable! The reflective fabric not only keeps your pup safe but adds a touch of glamour to their ensemble. Watch them shine, day or night.

🐕 Tailored Comfort: With adjustable velcro straps, this raincoat offers a snug and comfy fit for even the most energetic and curious dogs. No more wriggling out of ill-fitting rain gear!

🌍 Adventure-Ready: From morning walks in the woods to quick runs to the local pet store, our raincoat empowers your furry sidekick to conquer the world without compromise. Rain or shine, nothing can stop the two of you!

🌟 Key Features:

  • Waterproof design for ultimate rain and weather protection.
  • Reflective fabric for enhanced safety and style.
  • Adjustable velcro straps for a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Let your dog embrace the outdoors while staying dry and chic.

Invest in an outfit that keeps your pup safe, stylish, and ready for anything with the Sparkling Paws Reflective Dog Raincoat.



📏 Product Dimensions:

🐾 Size M:
Back: 30 cm (11.81 inches)
Chest: 48 cm (18.90 inches)
Head: 40 cm (15.75 inches)

🐾 Size L:
Back: 35 cm (13.78 inches)
Chest: 54 cm (21.26 inches)
Head: 44 cm (17.32 inches)

🐾 Size XL:
Back: 40 cm (15.75 inches)
Chest: 60 cm (23.62 inches)
Head: 49 cm (19.29 inches)

🐾 Size XXL:
Back: 46 cm (18.11 inches)
Chest: 70 cm (27.56 inches)
Head: 55 cm (21.65 inches)

🐾 Size 3XL:
Back: 56 cm (22.05 inches)
Chest: 84 cm (33.07 inches)
Head: 64 cm (25.20 inches)

🐾 Size 4XL:
Back: 67 cm (26.38 inches)
Chest: 98 cm (38.58 inches)
Head: 75 cm (29.53 inches)

📦 Package Includes:
1 Sparkling Paws Reflective Dog Raincoat

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Reflective Dog Raincoat
Reflective Dog Raincoat
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