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PRIMI PETS™ - Collapsible Cat Tunnel

Color: 3 Tube Blue

Unleash the inner adventurer in your feline companion with the enchanting PRIMI PETS™ Whimsical Collapsible Cat Tunnel!

Crafted to be as captivating as it is cozy, this lightweight wonderland invites your furry friend to explore, play, and indulge in hours of joyful escapades.

Watch as your cat pounces and prowls, enticed by the 3 lively bouncy balls that turn playtime into a captivating chase.

For an added dash of excitement, the tunnel boasts a charming center hole - perfect for surprising your companion with tantalizing treats or teasing trinkets.

When seeking a moment of solitude, your cat will find solace within the secret chambers of this tunnel, where they can whisk themselves away from the world.

Every twist and turn promises new discoveries in their indoor feline playground.

Tailored to the needs of small pets, assembling the play area is a breeze.

Unfold the tunnel's enchanting arches and connect them seamlessly, conjuring an adventure-ready space in an instant.

And as the final curtain falls on playtime, the cleanup act is just as enchanting.

Effortlessly fold up the tubes, tuck them away, and wait for the next grand escapade.

Elevate your abode into a realm of exploration, connection, and magic with the PRIMI PETS™ Whimsical Collapsible Cat Tunnel.




🌟 Lightweight and Collapsible Design: Crafted for convenience and efficient storage, making space for both play and peace.

🌟 Interactive Play: 3 bouncy balls ignite spirited play, sparking physical activity and mental delight for your cherished cat.

🌟 Treat Magic: A center hole for treats and teases adds an extra layer of engagement, turning each moment into a delightful surprise.

🌟 Cozy Haven: Beyond play, the tunnel offers a snug hideaway for your cat to unwind, unwind, and dream.

🌟 Tailored for Small Pets: Meticulously sized for small pets, ensuring safety and delight in every pounce.

Package Included:
1 mesmerizing piece of PRIMI PETS™ - Whimsical Collapsible Cat Tunnel

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Donna Powlowski

The kids play well
I like it more because it connects you to another tunnel in the house.

Jaiden Stark

Great tunnel for cats, the quality is excellent.

Rafaela Crooks

Like on There photos and quick coming

Seamus Gaylord

It's lovely, just bring a hanging pompom, obviously Chinese quality I don't think it will last long but my cats are having fun

Domenic Jacobson

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PRIMI PETS™ - Collapsible Cat Tunnel
PRIMI PETS™ - Collapsible Cat Tunnel
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