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Portable Pet Drinking Fountain

Color: Blue

Introducing the QuenchOn-the-Go Pet Drinking Fountain – your pet's ultimate hydration companion for every adventure!

Say goodbye to parched throats and hello to tail-wagging refreshment, no matter where your paws take you.

🌊 Wave of Freshness: Dive into a world of clean, cool water with our innovative portable fountain. No more worries about finding a water source – just fill up the 500ml BPA Free reservoir and let the hydration flow!

🛡️ Double the Refreshment: Our fountain boasts dual reservoirs that mean business. The first, a BPA-free buddy holding the water, and the second, a heroic metal filter that battles impurities to serve your furry friend the purest gulps.

🚿 Sip & Splash: Quenching your pet's thirst is a breeze thanks to the long spout, perfect for hassle-free pouring – no spills, just pure aqua satisfaction.

🔄 Sip-Swapping Simplified: Worried about filter changes? Don't be! Our fountain keeps the refreshments coming with easily swappable filters, ensuring your fur baby sips safe every time.

🔒 Adventure-Proof Design: No spills, no hassles! Our ergonomic fountain comes with an anti-spill locking system, making it the ideal travel buddy for your pet's hydration needs.

🎒 Ready for Anything: Backpack or cage, this feather-light hydration hero fits right in! Install it easily, and let the thirst-quenching commence on all your escapades.

🌎 Globetrotter's Delight: We've got dimensions in both cm and inches, so no matter where you roam, the QuenchOn-the-Go Pet Drinking Fountain is ready to roll.

Unleash the power of refreshment with the QuenchOn-the-Go Pet Drinking Fountain – because every adventure should be fueled by pure, playful hydration!


Material: BPA Free Plastic (reservoir), Metal (filter)
Water Reservoir Capacity: 500ml
Filter Type: Specially Designed Metal Filter
Spout: Long Spout for Easy Pouring
Filter Replacement: Easily Replaceable Filters for Continuous Purification
Locking System: Anti-Spill Locking System for Traveling
Compatibility: Can be Installed in Backpacks and Cages

Package Included:
1pc x QuenchOn-the-Go Pet Drinking Fountain

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Roscoe Monahan

Cool stuff. The dog liked it

Roosevelt Herzog

Super 🤩

Ike Willms

Good came beautiful cleaner did not try but hope all Super!!

Haylie Grant

Love it 😍❤️❤️❤️

Amira Hilll

Very good quality to my surprise… it came packaged in a plastic bag so thats perfect if its a gift for someone. It doesnt leak and thats what I was most worried about. Came with a gray thingy to carry it with. Its a bit bigger than a standard remote. (See pics) Love it love it love it & so do my cats.

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Portable Pet Drinking Fountain
Portable Pet Drinking Fountain
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