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Pets Feeding Bowl

Color: Green

Pamper your pet like never before with our Deluxe Portable Pet Feeding Bowl.

This isn't just any bowl – it's your furry companion's ultimate travel companion!

Equipped with separate compartments for food and water, this bowl is designed to make every adventure a breeze.

Say goodbye to leaks and spills – our bowl boasts top-tier leakproof protection, ensuring your pet's meals stay where they belong.

But that's not all – we've thought of everything.

With a built-in waste shovel and a handy bag compartment, maintaining cleanliness on the go has never been this easy.

Whether it's a sunny day or a rainy afternoon, our feeding bowl guarantees that your pet will never go hungry or thirsty.

No more unexpected mealtime dilemmas!

Don't hesitate – upgrade your pet's dining experience now.

Our Deluxe Portable Pet Feeding Bowl is a must-have for pet owners who demand the best.

Keep your four-legged friend happy, hydrated, and full of life year-round.

Get ready for tail-wagging excitement on every journey – order now!

Your pet's happiness is just a click away.



Product Dimension:

Size: 5.8 cm (approximately 2.28 inches)

Package Included:
1pc x Deluxe Portable Pet Feeding Bowl


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Leatha Barton

Absolutely amazing!! Works great! My dogs and cat love this product. It does everything it says it will and it does it well. Looks very high quality. Very good purchase! I got the 500 mL with food box.

Hermann Zemlak

Super jar. Everything is in it. Water does not leak. And even with toilet bags came

Mason Waelchi

Arrived in good condition, only the box came a little battered

Jerod Keebler

Same as description

Jovany Zulauf

Order made on 01/10/23 and received in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain) today 23/10/23. The shipment was not very fast; But I am happy to have received it and it arrived 8 days before the peak date anyway. The box came almost destroyed, but the bottle was not damaged. The product is exact as the one in the ad, although bigger than I thought, which is very good (I ordered the bottle with the part for food and it is more than enough for my chihuahua, since in the "spoon" which is for drinking water, she could swim there, hahaha). He came with the gift of a roll of sachets for the poop, so great. I will reorder when I need it. Thank you!😍

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Pets Feeding Bowl
Pets Feeding Bowl
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