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Painless Dog Dryer Coat

Color: Blue

Tired of the soggy doggy struggle?

Meet your furry friend's new best friend – the Breeze & Shine Dog Dryer Coat!

Drying your dog has never been this enjoyable.

Say goodbye to wet shakes and hello to fast-drying hugs with our innovative Painless Dog Dryer Coat.

Your pup deserves the best, and we've designed this coat with their comfort in mind.

Imagine wrapping your dog in a cocoon of gentle airflow, swiftly whisking away moisture and leaving behind pure fluffiness.

The Breeze & Shine Coat's ingenious design ensures every inch of your pup is pampered to dry perfection.

No more wrestling matches to put on a fussy dryer – our coat is a breeze to slip on, making drying time a moment you'll both look forward to.

Plus, we've made safety a priority. No gaps, no worries – just a happy, dry dog.

Wave goodbye to pricey pet salon visits!

With the Breeze & Shine Dog Dryer Coat, you'll be the at-home grooming guru. And that "wet dog smell"?

Not anymore.

Your cuddle buddy will be so fresh, other dogs will be asking for their secret.



🐾 Product Dimensions:

  • Small (S): 15 cm x 30 cm (5.9 inches x 11.8 inches)
  • Medium (M): 25 cm x 50 cm (9.8 inches x 19.7 inches)
  • Large (L): 45 cm x 70 cm (17.7 inches x 27.6 inches)

Product Features:

Maximum Airflow: Watch as our coat transforms drying into a delightful breeze, getting your pup's coat from damp to dazzling in record time.

🐶 Effortless Usage: Slide it on like a pro – no fuss, just pure drying fun. You'll be high-fiving your pup for this stylish upgrade.

🛡️ Safety First: Our design hugs your pup securely, ensuring their safety while the magic of drying happens.

💰 Save & Savor: No more splurging on pricey grooming sessions. The Breeze & Shine Coat keeps your pup pampered right at home.

🌬️ Odor Vanisher: Wet dog smell, meet your match. Bid adieu to that lingering scent as your pup dries quickly and completely.

🐕 Tailored Fit: Choose from sizes as specific as your pup's personality – Small, Medium, or Large.

Sizes & Suggested Breeds:

🐾 Small (S) - Beagle, Shih Tzu, Schnauzer, Maltese, Pug, French Bulldog, Terrier, and more!

🐾 Medium (M) - Collie, Chow Chow, Cocker Spaniel, Shepherds, English Bulldog, and more!

🐾 Large (L) - Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers, Weimaraners, Shepherds, and more!


In the package:
📦 1pc x Breeze & Shine Dog Dryer Coat

Say yes to dry, yes to fun, and yes to wagging tails without the wetness!

Upgrade your pup's drying experience today with the Breeze & Shine Dog Dryer Coat.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Cordia Kerluke

Very fast, it needs to be tested

Santina Schulist

Very cheap product, functionality to test!-))

Jose Gusikowski

I've tried it on our dog. She still jumped away the moment she heard the noise of the dryer. At least we could hold her still and she did not tremble while drying. It may take a bit of time to fully dry her furs (she's a frenchie and her furs are very short). As long as she doesn't tremble I think this product works as intend, and will be especially useful during winter.

Marco Larkin

Product is not functional as it seems.

Bobby Friesen

Arrived very quickly well packed and looks according to description. I haven't tried it

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Painless Dog Dryer Coat
Painless Dog Dryer Coat
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