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Multifunctional Dog Water Bottle

Color: Yellow

Unleash the joy of every journey with our Ultimate Multifunctional Dog Adventure Companion!

No more wagging tails with parched throats or rumbling tummies—this ingenious four-in-one solution ensures tail-wagging fun and a contented belly on the go.

Quench your furry friend's thirst and satisfy their hunger with ease using the built-in water feeder and food dispenser.

But that's not all—our adventure companion is a true superhero with its integrated rubbish bag box and trusty poo shovel, ensuring a pristine environment wherever your paws take you.

Crafted from top-tier antibacterial material, this FDA-approved, lead-free, and BPA-free marvel guarantees both safety and durability.

With a generous 500ml capacity, it's a breeze to provide hydration or pack a meal for your dog's grand outdoor escapades.

Refilling is a breeze thanks to the effortless hand operation that eliminates spills and messes.

And when it's time to tidy up, our adventure companion's simple dismantling design turns cleaning into a walk in the park—ensuring your loyal friend revels in pure, unadulterated comfort.

Your furry explorer deserves nothing but the best, so gear up for unforgettable adventures today!


🐾 Product: Ultimate Multifunctional Dog Adventure Companion

🐾 Color: Choose from Green, Blue, Yellow, or Pink

🐾 Capacity: Available in 300ml and 500ml options


🐶 Four-in-one marvel: Water feeder, food dispenser, rubbish bag box, and poo shovel

🐶 Effortless hand operation for quick and spill-free refills
🐶 Built to endure outdoor escapades while keeping the tail-wagging joy intact
🐶 User-friendly dismantling design for hassle-free cleaning and maximum hygiene


Package Included:
🎁 1pc x Ultimate Multifunctional Dog Adventure Companion

Elevate every adventure with your furry sidekick—get yours now!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Nikita O'Keefe

Absolutely amazing!! Works great! My dogs and cat love this product. It does everything it says it will and it does it well. Looks very high quality. Very good purchase! I got the 500 mL with food box.

Donny Kreiger

Good but very big, about 2 hands, it is not practical to carry

Keagan Konopelski

Super jar. Everything is in it. Water does not leak. And even with toilet bags came

Elton Ankunding

It's big. Review measures. But excellent article. Thank you seller!

Shaina Bogan

Arrived in good condition, only the box came a little battered

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Multifunctional Dog Water Bottle
Multifunctional Dog Water Bottle
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