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Dog Slow Feeder Puzzle Toys

Color: Pink

Introducing our delightful Dog Puzzle Feeder – the ultimate mealtime companion that transforms your furry friend's eating routine into an exciting and brain-boosting adventure!

Crafted with care, this interactive feeder is designed to curb fast eating, making mealtimes healthier and more engaging.

Its innovative non-slip bowl ensures tidy dining while your pup navigates the delightful challenge.

With adjustable difficulty levels, from beginner to mastermind, this feeder evolves with your pup's intelligence, keeping them intrigued and entertained as they munch away.

Irresistibly tasty treats tucked within add an extra layer of joy, captivating your pet's curiosity and motivating them to conquer the puzzle with gusto!

This versatile toy isn't just for pups; adult dogs who crave mental stimulation will find this puzzle feeder equally captivating.



Brain-Boosting Difficulty Levels: Absolutely!
Mess-Free Non-Slip Bowl: You bet!
Perfect for Playful Puppies: Yes, indeed!
Tailored for Treasured Adult Dogs: Of course!


Package Included:
1 x Engaging Dog Puzzle Feeder

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Daron Koepp

The box arrived as a mop, but the contents are fine. The color is pretty Ping. Be sure to wash it before you give it to a bruise!!

Marlin Jenkins

Very nice, our dog loves puzzles very much.

Myriam Lang

very nice

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Dog Slow Feeder Puzzle Toys
Dog Slow Feeder Puzzle Toys
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