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Catnip Molar Teeth Cleaning Ball

Color: Crab - Green

Tired of those pesky dental hygiene battles with your furry feline friend?

We've got just the thing to turn tooth care into a joyous playtime experience!

Introducing our Catnip Molar Teeth Cleaning Ball – your whiskered pal's new partner-in-crime for dental delight!

Crafted to captivate, this ball comes infused with the enchanting essence of catnip.

You know, that magical herb that cats just can't resist?

Your fur baby will be batting and pouncing with pure glee!

Licking has never been so much fun – the ball's just the right size for a lickin' good time.

Say goodbye to frowns and hello to "Meow, that's tasty!"

But it's not just about the whimsy.

This ball's built to endure the mightiest of chompers. We're talking about a dental adventure that's long-lasting and teeth-cleaning all at once!

Unleash the joy and watch your kitty companion chase, bat, and nuzzle their way to healthier teeth and gums.

No more fuss, just furry fun!


🐾 Catnip-Infused: For non-stop entertainment that keeps those tails twitching.

🐾 Dental Delight: Designed to turn tooth care into a playful pursuit.

🐾 Lickable Love: A surface that's perfect for licks and laughter.

🐾 Durably Dandy: Crafted from tough materials for those epic chew-a-thons.


🐾 Catnip Weight: Approximately 15g of pure kitty happiness.

Package Included:
🐾 1 x Catnip Molar Teeth Cleaning Ball 


Because dental hygiene should be a paws-itively good time!

Get ready for purrs, pounces, and dental wins!

Your cat's smile – and their pearly whites – will thank you for this enchanting addition to their playtime lineup.

Grab the Catnip Molar Teeth Cleaning Ball now and let the toothsome adventures begin! 🐱🪀🌿

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Dorothy Brakus

All Super

Jasen Gulgowski

It arrived well, and before time, it has a good size, the interested party loved it

Trace McDermott

How cool it is, it's for cats, how you like it!!!!👍😀Licks, rejoices, like valerian for them😀😀😀I will put 5 in the same time, all vitamins and minerals for, animals.❤️👍😀

Elijah Wilderman

My Kittis find great :)))

Aniya Walker

I love my cat

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Catnip Molar Teeth Cleaning Ball
Catnip Molar Teeth Cleaning Ball
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