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Avocado Style Catnip Ball

Color: 1

Searching for a delightful and wholesome way to keep your furry friend entertained?

Your quest ends here, with our Avocado Style Catnip Ball!

Imagine the joy on your cat's face as they pounce, chase, and nibble on this adorable catnip-filled ball.

Crafted from 100% natural catnip, this little wonder is not only safe and pure, but it's also incredibly effective at bringing out your cat's playful side.

Picture your feline companion spending endless hours batting, rolling, and even licking this enticing ball.

But that's not all – the natural catnip infusion helps soothe your cat's nerves, making it a delightful stress-reliever.

What's more, it contributes to fresher breath and a happier digestive system for your beloved kitty.

Why wait?

Embrace the charm of our Avocado Style Catnip Ball today, and watch your cat revel in the ultimate playtime experience.

After all, a happier cat means a happier you!



🐾 Product Dimensions:
Size: 46mm60mm / (1.812.36 inches)

🥑 Type: Avocado Shell Style Catnip Ball
🌿 Material: Premium catnip, durable plastic avocado-style shell
🐱 Application: Suitable for all cats
🎨 Color: As captivatingly shown
🛍️ Quantity: One delightful piece
🌟 Key Features: Catnip-infused fun, promotes healthy digestion, reduces hairballs, doubles as cat grass snacks

🎁 Package Includes: 1 piece x Avocado-Style Catnip Ball

Give your feline companion the gift of playfulness and wellness.

Get your Avocado Style Catnip Ball today and let the fun begin! 🐾🥑🐱


Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Mavis Wilderman


Damian Walsh

my cat love it👍

Makayla Crona

He like it 😂😂🤍🤍

Salma Gusikowski

Top quality thank you for🤣😂🤣😂😂

Raegan Graham

It is very pleasant for my cat, you can spend time licking the ball.

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Avocado Style Catnip Ball
Avocado Style Catnip Ball
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