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4pcs Funny Pet Toy Spring

Color: 4pcs

Unleash the joy in your furry companion's eyes with our Playful Pounce Set featuring 4pcs Hilarious Pet Toy Springs.

This vibrant collection brings four bouncing springs in shades of rose red, vibrant blue, sunny yellow, and lush green.

Prepare to witness your cat's curiosity and excitement soar to new heights as they leap, bat, and pounce!

Forged from top-tier, durable plastic, each cat interactive toy boasts a robust 0.22mm thickness, ensuring they endure countless frolicsome sessions with your beloved pet.

Sized perfectly at 4.5cm/1.77in x 2.5cm/0.98in, these springs strike the ideal balance between keeping your feline friends engaged and providing them with the exhilarating challenge they crave!

Bid farewell to pent-up energy as your home transforms into a playground of feline frolics, minus the mess or the need for pricey battery-operated laser toys.

Energize your living space today with the boundless bounce of the Playful Pounce Set - where captivating amusement meets endless energy!


🐾 Product Dimensions:

Size: Each spring measures approximately 4.5cm (1.77in) x 2.5cm (0.98in)

🐾 Set Includes: 4 jumpy springs in rose red, blue, yellow, and green

🐾 Material: Crafted from highly durable plastic with a sturdy 0.22mm thickness

🐾 Suitable For: Cats of all sizes and ages, because playtime knows no bounds!

🐾 Maintenance: Effortless to clean and maintain, keeping playtime sanitary and hassle-free

🐾 Usage: Unleash the springs' dynamic energy to keep your feline companions active and entertained

🐾 Package Included: 4 x Pet Toy Spring, because more springs mean more joy!

Indulge your whiskered wonder with this captivating toy set, and let the euphoric springs transform their playtime into a symphony of leaps and laughter!

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Kathleen Strosin

Well-known article whose stock had to be replenished.

Valentine Hackett

4pcs Funny Pet Toy Spring

Montana Ferry

Came in packs of 4 colours - great value. High quality springs have survived a high energy kitten. Colours are the same as the pictures.

Tess Wilkinson

Same as described. My cat love it

Effie Carroll

Cats are crazy with it. As in the image

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4pcs Funny Pet Toy Spring
4pcs Funny Pet Toy Spring
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